DOMA, Kastellgatan 9, Gothenburg

Between 2018-2019 DOMA was located on a physical site in the center of Gothenburg and during this year the the platform was co-constructed by a group* of designers, artists and architects. The core of the venue was the open entry space that functioned as a shared workspace – an in-between site for collective reflection and exchanges.

*Sofia Florell, Fanny Lindh,
Ida Sondell, NSFW/SVILOVA, Victor Svedberg, Emma Deines, Studio VADD

DOMA at Kastellgatan was an investigation of how a physical space could enable and empower interdisciplinary collaborations within different cultural and artistic fields of practices and moreover how this could create valuable connections between individual actors, the industry, organizations as well as the academy.

Events at Kastellgatan:

2019.05.29 - 2019.06.08
The Secret Unweaving of Pulse and Psyche
Exhibition by Hanna Norrna

Lyft Din Blick
Exhibition by children about neighborhood
(Studio VADD)

Exhibition wirh Karolina Westenhoff
(Studio VADD)

2019.03.12 - 2019.04.29
DOMA and the Posthumanist Perspective
Collaboration with HDK-Valand

2019.02.20, 2019.03.21
HDK Design Master Thesis Reviews

Merely - Hatching The Egg
Release Event

Standard. Casette “Cataleptic”
Release Event

Exhibition + Artist talk: Cosplay

2018.11.24 - 2018-12.01
Exhibition: Dolorosas - Elin Elfström

The Embassy - White Lake
Release Event

Open Studio: Doma
Part of Open Week/Gbg Design Festival