Collaboration with Salon de Papier & Skogen

2023.04.26 -

Design and build by DOMA in collaboration with Salon de Papier and Skogen

Shelf Publishing is a nomadic library and store for self-published material in various forms (independent/small editions/zines/artist books etc). The SHELF is moved upon request and curated by the community in the location it is currently in. The publications found in the SHELF are divided into two marked categories:

  • Library (green sticker) - donated publications that can be borrowed at home
  • Store (purple sticker) - publications that can be purchased via swish

You can donate or place publications in the SHELF by marking them with one of the provided library or store stickers. If your publication is for sale, you also mark it with price and swish number. If you want to borrow a publication from the library, it is fine to take it home to return it at another time. If you want to buy a publication, you swish the amount to the number marked on the publication. Shelf Publishing is run on a trust-based system and we do not take responsibility for stolen publications.

Behind Shelf Publishing stands Salon de Papier - a nomadic platform with a focus on self-publishing and Skogen - a stage and a workplace for artists in Gothenburg. You can find more information about Shelf Publishing and where the SHELF is currently located at

Pictures: Sjutton Gubbar