Salon de Papier

Salon de Papier is a nomadic meeting place for artistic publishing in Gothenburg.
Salon de Papier is a series of events with a focus on self-publishing. It is a nomadic platform that is hosted by a new cultural actor in Gothenburg at every occasion. Each event has an invited guest who lectures, talks or holds a workshop related to a self-publishing practice.

You come to Salon de papier to meet, be inspired and learn more about local actors, zines and self-publishing.

To the events we bring our nomadic library and shop Shelf Publishing, which is co-created and co-organized by several cultural actors and artists in Gothenburg. To the Shelf you can donate or put your self-publications up for sale. During Salon de papiers events we also have an exchange box where you can exchange one of your publications for someone else's.

Initiated and co-produced together with 
Mattias Gunnarsson and (Gathenhielmska Huset).